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General Sales Conditions

- Recitals
- Object
- Order
- Delivery
Terms of payment
- Tariffs
- Return / exchange / warranties
- Signature and evidence
- Liability
- Privacy protection
- Links and site contents
- Intellectual property
- Entirety of the present terms
- Duration
- Evidence
- Keeping and archival storage of transactions
- Miscellaneous
- Applicable law and competencies


The present sales conditions are concluded between from one end, the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour that is registered in Brussels under the #BE 0545.585.903 and that is located rue Henri Vandersaenen 5 in 1160 Brussels and, on the other hand, the persons who wants to purchase goods or services via the Magnytour website, who are named hereunder "the user".

The forwarding of parcels will be submited to the payment of forwarding fees that are applicable to the destination country in accordance to the tariff that is mentioned at the bottom of the ordering page.

These sales conditions are exclusively applicable to individuals that are not merchants. The user who would like purchasing via the website declares having the full legal capacity. Any person that is declared legallly incapable according to the article 1123 of the Belgian Civil Code may not in any case purchase via the website. The consultation of the website and the access to the service offered are under the responsibility of the legal representative of this person. This legal representative should abide the present stipulations. In any case, when forwarding personal data, the legal representative will himself fill in the registration form or expressly authorize the person that he/she represents to fill in the aforementioned form, stipulations regarding personal data such as provided for in the hereafter article 9 being of course applicable.  

The contracting parties agree upon that their relations will exclusively be governed by the present contract, with the exception of any condition mentioned beforehand on the website. 

If a condition was lacking, it would be considered as being governed by the established custom in the mail-order selling sector for businesses established in Belgium.

The present sales conditions are applicable to the on-line selling on Magnytour's website. They aim at defining the sale terms between the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour and the user, from order to services including payment and delivery.

They settle all the stages that are necessary to put in an order and ensure the follow-up of this order between contracting parties. The parties agree that their relations will be governed by the present contract, Les parties conviennent que leurs relations seront régies exclusivement par le présent contrat, apart from any condition that is mentioned beforehand on the Magnytour website.


The user has the possibility to place its on-line order via the website references.

The order can only be properly registered if the user clearly identified himself/herself.

Any order holds for acceptance of the present sale conditions, as well as of the price (cf article 5) and the description of goods sold.

Magnytour commits oneself to honour received on-line orders solely within the limit of available stocks. If the ordered item is out of stock, Magnytour could be lead to deliver a similar item with equivalent or higher and for the same price. 

Within the 24 hours following your order, Magnytour will send you a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address that you will have mentioned.


The user has the choice of requesting a home delivery or to the address of a third person. Magnytour commits oneself to deliver ordered items in the shortest possible time. Average delivery time for available items goes from 3 to 7 days.

Please report any delivery problem (missing or damaged item) within 48 hours by phone at number +32 (0)2 675 57 41. The item has to be returned within the 14 days following reception of the order with a request of exchange of reimbursement.

The forwarding of the order is subject to the payment of forwarded parcel, according to the applicable post tariff and the destination of the parcel.


When validating the order, you will choose one of the following payment options (all of them are entirely secure: the server is in encrypted mode and all transferred data are coded. There is no clear text transmission coming on our website).

1) Via the Ogone payment processing platform which allows payment through credit cards or the Belgian banking system (Bancontact/MisterCash, KBC Online, CBC Online).

2) Through bank transfer to the account of the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour that is located rue Henri Vandersaenen 5 in 1160 Brussels, Belgium:  IBAN # BE08 4388 1513 9113 EUR.


Our product prices are guaranteed until December 31, 2015.


If one of the items does not satisfy you, Magnytour commits onself to replace or refund it, providing that the item is returned in its original packaging and that return motivation is written on a note accompanying the parcel. Shipping expenditures remain to be paid even is the whole parcel is returned. 

TIP: In order to ease the reimbursment procedure when you return an item, Magnytour proposes to reimburse you directly by a bank transfer to your account. In order to take advantage of this practical, secure and rapid service, please mention your IBAN bank account on the note accompanying returned items and we will transfer the amount in the shortest possible time.

All returns must be shipped within the 14 days, by sending the parcel with postage paid to Espace Tonic-Magnytour established Rue Henri Vandersaenen 5 in 1160 Brussels, Belgium. The user should get a proof of returning stamped by the post office.

Dammaged or soiled items may not be returned.

In case of fraud return, Magnytour reserves the right to turn down a later order.

In the instance of an exchange order, you will not pay once more processing costs.


Final order's validation involves that the user accepts it in full and at the mentioned price.

This validation Cette validation holds for signature and express acceptance of all operations carried out on the website.  

The user has the right to notify to the seller that he/she renounces to the purchase without penalty and has no obligation to mention any reason, within the 14 working days as of the following day of the item delivery.


Magnytour only has an obligation of diligence for all the steps of gaining access to the website, for the processing of orders or from delivery to subsequent services.

Magnytour's liability should not be accepted for all drawbacks or dammages inherent in the use of the Internet, especially a service break, an external intrusion or the presence of a computer virus, or for all event qualified as Force Majeure, according to case law. 

Goods are shipped by usual postal services. Magnytour accepts no responsibility in the instance of a too long delivery time by postal services, as well as in case of loss of ordered goods or in case of strike. Shipping risks are borne by the user who will file a complaint tot the postal services. 

Besides, it is made clear that the ownership of ordered goods will solely be transferred to the user after payment of the total invoiced price, including delivery expenditures. 


Magnytour reserves the right to collect data on the user, especially when the user places an order or via the use of cookies (small file sent by an Internet server, that registers on your computer. It keeps track of the visited website and contains a certain number of data on this visit).  

All personal data are for Manytour's internal use only.

These data might be forwarded to organizations that are contractually linked to Magnytour (commercial partners, charity sector, association of interest and opinion groupes) that will send personalized promotional offers. If you do not wish it, please inform Magnytour through the following address:

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data, you have the right to consult your personal data at any time, verify that they are accurate and to lodge an objection if you don't wish to be further informed of our activities.

For this purpose, please write to Espace Tonic-Magnytour, Rue Henri Vandersaenen 5, 1160 Brussels, Belgium with clear mention of your coordinates.

Additional information regarding privacy protection in computer processing can be obtained from the public register (Commission for the protection of privacy, Rue Haute 139 in 1000 Brussels or on the website


Magnytour's website contents links to websites that does not belong to Magnytour. Magnytour accepts no responsibility for the content of these sites neither from any repercussions of your using these websites.

Information disseminated on our website are regularly updated and verified. However Magnytour cannot accept responsibility of errors or potential dammages that could directly or indirectly be ensuing from your access or use of these websites, or from a dammage or virus that might affect your computer or any other information technology equipment. In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the user has the right to consult your personal data, verify that they are accurate and, if applicable, have any errors corrected.


All Magnytour's website information, being visual or acoustic, including underlying technology are copyright protected, through trademark, patent and generally speaking by intellectual property.

The enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour relies on exclusive proprietary rights.

The user who has a website and wishes, for his/her personal use, place a link referring directly to the Magnytour's website must expressly request an authorization from Magnytour.

This is not in this instance the object of an implicit partnership agreement.

On the other hand, any hyperlink referring to Magnytour's website and using the framing technique or the in-line linking is strictly forbidden.

In any case, even tacitly authorized, any link will be removed on request from the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour. They are exclusive proprietary of the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour.


Assuming that one of the terms of the present contract  would be considered as null and void further to a law change, to regulation or to court decision, this would not in any case affect the validity and respect of the present sales terms and conditions. 


Present sale terms and conditions are applicable during all the time during which on-line services are offered by Magnytour.


Computerized registers kept in the computer systems of the enterprise Espace Tonic-Magnytour and its partners in reasonable safety conditions, will be considered as proof of the communications, orders and payments that occured between the parties.  


Archival storage of order forms and invoices is achieved on a reliable and sustainable medium, so that is provides a copy that is exact and lasting. 


The items sold by Magnytour are in accordance with the description and presentation given on the website. Unless otherwise stated by contractual or legal stipulations, all operation taking place between Magnytour and the user, that is not subject of controversy withi the month following the goods delivery, cannot give rise to any claim. 


Present sale terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Belgian Law. In the event of litigation, the applicable law is the Belgian Law and all disputes belong exclusively to the authority of the district court of Brussels. 

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