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A brand new board game related to cycling

Magnytour cycling board game can be played by up to 18 people (6 teams of 3 players). There is a real peloton with genuine cyclist figures.


The specific feature of this game is that you are not obliged to play. You can either wait, or assist your leader, follow your a nutshell, all the aspects of a real cycling race. 
This goes from making a border - i.e. when there’s a cross-wind, to ride on the side of the road away from the direction the wind is coming from in order to prevent following riders getting any shelter from the wind by following you - to drafting. 

At each moment you wonder if you should follow or not, if you should take your chance as in a pocker game! 
When you try playing this board game, you will enjoy it and become passionate about it.
The reversible board with two racing circuit of mountain and flat open country feature nicely finished decors. It is pleasant to slide the cyclists on these boards.

According to the race stages, a game can be played in 15 minutes or in more than one hour for a mountain stage. 
With an early start a thrilling tour de France can be completed the same day in the evening. It will bring you much fun. 

There are many possibilities to select an other profile, an other racing circuit and simply a race in accordance to your wishes. It is simple: you select the distance, the difficulties, in brief, you make your own choice. Your are offered with three grand Tours and a vast number of different race profiles. You will become cyclist, coach, strategist and more.
The game package includes nicely presented racing circuits, beautiful cyclist figures, a suberb instructions manual in three languages (NL, FR, ENG), a wooden dice and identification labels. 

Optional possibility to order a super game board (240 x 82 cm).

You will have fun with this environmentally friendly cycling game board. Actually no need of electricity, neither batteries nor computer to play. In addition when using a candle you will bring back to life the first cyclists of Tour de France who used a candle as lighting in 1910 ;-)

The designer slowly nurtured this game since 1962. The game copywriter is a very poor cyclist nevertheless he has always been keen of cycling races. 

From the epic period of 1964 between Jacques Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor up to the present time,  he has been cutting cardboard cycling figures that he slided on rough-and-ready boards swearing that later he would transform it into a very pleasant board game.

It is successful and the board game is a terrific present as the game set is so beautifully prepared. All of it in the price range of game boards. This board game will be relaxing and gripping. Have a good ride!

This box contains:
A reversible board with two cycling circuits with flat open country on one side and a mountain circuit on the other, three bags of six cyclists, 36 identification labels,  an instructions manual in three languages with numerous race profiles and a dice. 

The user's manual includes the following rubrics:
Stage profile and spurt sign
Forward movement
Making a border
Race against the clock

If you like cycle race, then become cyclist, coach, strategist! Discover cycle race emotions by leading your own race. Thoughtful playing, strategy, team racing, very little odds.


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